Whisky Dramster

by Greg @whiskydramster (Instagram)

A brand new Glendronach expression is the best was to try out my new Cradle Glass that just arrived.

Either this whisky is miraculous or this glass is fabulous or both, because once I began nosing the dram I was in a starry heaven (although those who don’t like peat would be in a smokey hell). This is Glendronach’s second peated release and it adds a port wood finish to the first peated release that was simply peated.

 The nosing is as the name states peated and ported and malted and loved while the palette is rich and velvety. if you’re a Glendronach fan and a peat fan, this whisky is an absolute must buy.

If you’re a whisky fan, first impressions are this glass is a must buy too. The only problem is it makes a 5 cl dram look too small and therefore way too easy to dram too much. I’ll put up full review posts once I get my head out of the stars.