Today we are talking glasses - the vessel of the liquor of the gods!

There has been an absolute renaissance when it comes to whisky glasses that has followed the meteoric rise in the popularity of whisk(e)y. No longer are we stuck just drinking from your traditional Glencairn or rocks glass. There are now many terrific new glasses that offer to elevate whisky by creating the experience of the nuanced flavors in their purity!

One glass I have had the pleasure to enjoy is the Cradle Glass. To begin, I absolutely the love the elegant style of the glass, it’s a beautiful piece reminiscent of a miniature decanter, but the design isn’t just for looks. The large bulb like base allows for a constant rocking motion that releases the aroma upwards through the narrowed neck of the glass.

With the widened mouth and large base of the glass I found it does a terrific job up against the 58.5% ABV pour I sampled in it. One of my favorite features for myself is the large opening at the mouth. The large opening allows for the user to be able to adequately nose the whisky as you take a sip, very similar to how one would sample a wine.

The glass stood up to this scotch tremendously, with the burn not evident at all and the flavors of the pour very evident and pronounced. The Cradle Glass I found really allowed for myself to pinpoint more nuanced flavors that otherwise would have been hidden by the alcohol!

Beyond just the glass though are the people. I have had the honor of getting to know Sandie over a loved share of scotch and animals. Firstly, Sandie knows whisky, she has been such a wealth of knowledge and a joy to get to pick her brain. I love meeting people that are passionate about what they do, and it is evident in the Cradle Glass that she created. Head over to her account to learn more or just drop a note to say hello!