The overall winner is the Cradle Glass

NOSE: Preference order is:                                                                                                       1. Cradle - immediate and strong,                                                                                            2. Kentucky - deep and resonant, and                                                                                     3. Glencairn - too soft and too subtle.

PALATE : The shape of the glasses affects how the whisky rolls past ones lips and onto the tongue; it’s a sensory experience bound to be different for all. Preference order is:               1. Cradle - the glass fits the hand and pours into the mouth so natural feeling as if the glass is an extension of the hand,                                                                                                      2. Glencairn - a smoother and gentle approach, and                                                               3. Kentucky - too immediate.

FINISH: As in the first rumble, the glasses did not affect the finish

CONCLUSION: I ate a lot of French Batard bread to cleanse the palette while working on this second rumble as all three glasses are quite wonderful for whisky; it’s difficult to choose. Indeed the chosen whisky, or non-whisky as before, will affect the results. For this sequel, the overall winner is the Cradle Glass.