The Cradle Glass works pretty well with rum!

by Benjamin @whiskyshortcut (Instagram)

I chose the 2004 Old Fiji bottled by the Rum Company and sold in 2015. It’s a single cask, bottled at 46% ABV with no added sugar. I know it’s a pretty fruity rum, so I’m really excited to see how the Cradle Glass works…

Nose: delicate sweetness and spices, oak, herbs, something that reminds me of nougat, coconut, orange, plums, cherry, hints of cinnamon and a slight hint of something like fuel or nail polish.

Palate: It’s a sweet oily arrival on grapefruit and oak. Then cough drops, herbs and almonds appear.

Finish: quite long and dryish on oak and nutmeg. Then a whole basket of fruits like apples, apricots and orange. Last but not least a little piece of marzipan.

That was a nice treat and the glass works really pretty well with rum!