Part 3: "I'm in Love with the Cradle Glass"

by Benjamin @whiskyshortcut (Instagram)

Today I have Westland Sherry Wood (46 % ABV). Let’s see what differences I can get this time.

Nose (GG): It’s very sweet on the nose with honey and barley sugar, vanilla and toffee notes. I get also some oak and spices and little fruity notes.

Nose (CG): Here the whisky seems more to be on fruits (plum) and berries. Then the sweetness appears. I get chocolate and ovo-maltine/cornflakes. The spices and the oak get more prominent with time.

Palate (GG): Sweet arrival with honey and chocolate. I get a ton of cereals and some oranges.
Palate (CG): The arrival is a tad less sweeter but with more fruits – orange. Then there are some bitter notes - orange peel and I get chocolate and cereals. Also some raisins and spices.

Finish (GG): Medium; on chocolate, raisins and spicy oak.
Finish (CG): Also a medium finish, but it’s more on spicy oak and turns then more to the sweet side. Again lots of cereals and raisins.

It is really interesting how different whisky’s reveal different features in the CG. Here the whisky changes much faster in the glass.

The bitter notes and the spices developed much faster in the CG. The same notes appear about 15 Minutes later in the GG. I think that’s a result of the relative young Whiskey and the higher amount of air exchange due to the wider shape of the CG.

I can’t help myself, but I really fell in love with the Cradle Glass! Very well done, Sandie and Joe! Cheers to @lady_andthe_glass