Part 1: A Concert Hall in the Cradle Glass!

by Benjamin @whiskyshortcut (Instagram)

Here is the first of three parts with the comparison between the Cradle Glass (CG) and the Glencairn Glass (GG).

Today I filled the glasses with the 18 years Laphroaig. Up to now the GG is the one I use most of time.

Compared to the GG the CG is a little heavier, but it feels really great in the hand. When you place the CG on the table it`s impossible to tip it over, that`s a big plus!

Nose (GG): I can definitely feel some alcohol in my nose. I get mild smoke, some citrus, lots of coastal notes, salt, bacon. After 15 minutes, it gets more herbal with a little leather and oak.
Nose (CG): It is really amazing, there is nearly no alcohol in the nose! There is the mild smoke, some oak and a hint of citrus. Then I get the leather and some oily notes along with the coastal notes. There is some honey-coated ham in there. After 10 minutes, it gets fruitier with more citrus and orange. .

The conclusion on the nose: Let me paint this picture: It feels like the GG is on the nose like you listen to some very good music with a good speaker system. The CG in contrast is like you listen to the same music, but you sit in a very good concert hall with high-end acoustics.

Palate (GG): Oily mouthfeel, smoked bacon, some grapefruit, salt and a hint of toffee.
Palate (CG): Due to the shape, it took a few more seconds to get the whisky on your tongue, but I like the way it runs into my mouth. It feels way oilier. I get pretty much the same on the palate with an additional note of liquorice. .

Finish: Is very long on both glasses. I get some oak, some oranges, lots of smoke and ash. After a while I get some hints of coffee. With the CG, the coffee turns more into some dark chocolate.

I am really looking forward to the next tasting session with the CG. So far I get the impression that it works like an equalizer. Really very interesting!!