My now go-to Cradle Glass

Its the first day of my Christmas vacation and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a... wait a minute, it’s not Christmas Eve, so hello Timorous Beastie. Besides, I took a personal day off where wife to be at work and kids to be at school and I to be at Christmas errands. Instead, one kid is home puking while another kid left their science project in mom’s car now long gone and I must be Mr. Science. So, it’s now time to let the Beastie loose and binge watch Shameless!

My first Douglas Laing blend and it’s without coloring or chill-filtration and is 46.8% ABV with malts exclusively from the Highland region of Scotland. My beastly nose detects honey, vanilla and spices atop a malted cereal. The palette follows the nose with the addition of a wee tattering of dark fruit. The finish is smooth with an intricate sweetness that delightfully lingers. This whisky is smooth and calming and relaxing — just what the doctor ordered after a tumultuous morning. I could almost just sit and nose this whisky all day in my now go-to Cradle Glass — almost, because I’m Shameless!

This is a whisky for the burning poet drammer in us all!