Brighter Endings with the Cradle Glass

by Chin Hui @whisky_uncle (Instagram)

My first Clynelish and a 21 year old at that!

Started with a Glencairn then the Cradle Glass.

On the nose I get a mild engine oil, citrus and a bit of vanilla notes. With the Cradle Glass the sweetness and fruitiness becomes really pronounced. Also mint pops out and the funk is gone.

On the palette I get green apples, mint and citrus, giving way to coffee grounds. The kouth feel is light but the finish is pretty long with lingering bitterness. With the Cradle Glass the dram becomes brighter and the sweet notes come forth more.

It's definitely different! As a funk lover I'll stick to my Glencairn for drams like Springbank but will use the Cradle Glass for my Suntory's, Wolfburn's and Kilchoman's!