A Very Entertaining Dram

Nose: The first impression I get is some nice sweet smoke (but not overpowering) and nail polish, cherries, citrus and some sweet corn as well as herbs. After 5 minutes I get some ginger, vanilla and some kind of syrup (at first I thought this is honey but it`s more dense and sweeter), loads of pepper and herbs like bee balm and mint. It gets dry after 10-15 minutes and I get some charcoal and also almonds/marzipan. Here and there a very floral whiff gets also in my nose… Nice!

Palate: lovely sweet arrival, BBQ smoke, popcorn, pepper, some syrup (maybe maple syrup) ginger, some jam and herbs.

Finish: very long on dry and bitter smoke, pepper. It turns to the sweet side from cough drops, bee balm to almonds and honey, BBQ smoked ham, popcorn and finally back to charred oak.

Wow, what an experience! Three different types of whiskey but this blend is so well balanced. I would suggest that Rye is the biggest proportion in this blend as there is a lot of pepper in it. In my opinion, this is a whiskey for more experienced and also adventurous drammer, but you will be rewarded with a very entertaining dram!