A matter for The Cradle Glass

by Benjamin @whiskyshortcut (Instagram)

Huge Cask Strength Sherry Bomb?! That’s a matter for the cradle glass! The Whisky Kavalan Soloist Sherry Cask with a healthy 58.6 % ABV. According to the Cask No. the whisky was distilled in 2006 and according to the bottle code (2013) the whisky is somewhat around 7 Years old.

Nose: It`s a wonderful buttery, sweet nose with oaky notes. Something like furniture polish, plums, raisins, glue. After a few minutes coffee, cereals, marmalade and oranges are coming through. If you add some water the oak is getting stronger, also cinnamon, berries and tobacco.

Palate: It’s a sweet, strong, full bodied arrival with tons of oranges and dark dried fruits, also oak and spices as well as some cocoa. With water the whisky becomes sweeter with honey and berries. It also reminds me of Mon Cherie Praline.

The finish is very long on fruits and spices with chocolate, coffee and finally tobacco.
This is the type of whisky the Cradle Glass is made for!

Mind if I excuse myself for another pour.....