The Whisky Whispers in the Cradle Glass

by Benjamin @whiskyshortcut (Instagram)

I tasted this Vat 69 whisky with the Cradle Glass (CG) and a standard nosing glass (NG) side by side. I wasn’t so sure trying this blend with the Cradle Glass alone, because old blends tends to be very fragile as this whisky spent the last 50 years in the bottle.

Nose NG: Wow, this whisky isn’t tired at all. There is alcohol, a slight hint of peat or at least charred oak and card-boardy note. After a few minutes the whole whisky gets a creamy, fruity and sweet note. Then some more alcohol followed by wet leafs and minerals.

Nose CG: Oh… I have to listen carefully because in the CG the whisky is whispering. No alcohol and somehow no smoke but the cardboardy note is there. So hand under the glass to give a little heat to the liquid gold. Ah… now we’re talking business. There is the creamy, sweet toffee note, some heather and honey, also some fruits. After a few minutes it gets more earthy and mineral and there are wet leafs in. And finally I get a slight hint of smoke.

Palate: the arrival is on both glasses pretty weak. On the CG it gets a lot sweeter. Cardboard, nuts, oak and fruits (apples and oranges) are on both glasses. On the CG I get some additional notes of grass and minerals.

Finish is medium long on malt, fruits, chocolate. It gets drier at the end.