The Cradle Glass Community Gained a New Follower

by Benjamin @whiskyshortcut (Instagram)

Last week I attended a SMWS tasting at the Union Jack Berlin and I had a great chat with @babelsbaer one of the bartenders there. We had talked about glassware and I told him about the Cradle Glass. He was so excited that a few days later we met again in the Union Jack where I showed him the glass. He instantly liked the glass just by its look. Then his eyes wandered through the shelves and he chose this stunning 16 year Old Imperial from 1976 bottled by Signatory Vintage (with 43% ABV) to see how the glass performs.

Let me tell you that, @babelsbaer has such an amazing knowledge about whisky and he enjoys his dram with all of his senses, it was a real pleasure to share that whisky with him.

He started raving about the legs which were so beautifully displayed on that bigger bowl of the glass.

And this whisky was such a fruit bomb it took us ages to take the first sip just because of that beautiful nose.

The palate was sweet with the same fruits plus some cereals and some dusty notes.

The things we both like the most about the glass are that you can`t tip it over; the shape of the glass which allows a larger dispersion of the legs plus you don`t get the alcoholic vapours in your nostrils and the nice; round bottom which makes it so easy to warm up the whisky to release the flavours (there is neither a stem between your fingers nor the need to tilt the glass).

All in all a wonderful experience and I think at the end of the day the Cradle Glass Community gained a new follower.