Part 2: The Cradle Glass an Elegant Gentleman

by Benjamin @whiskyshortcut (Instagram)

Here is part 2 of my comparison between the Cradle Glass (CG) and the Glencairn Glass (GG).

I poured the 10 year old Benromach 100 proof to see how the CG will affect a whisky with a much higher ABV. 

I have always thought that the alcohol in this whisky is pretty well integrated, but with these glasses side by side I can feel a huge difference! On one hand the GG is like a rough guy hitting me right in the face. On the other the whisky in the CG welcomes me very nicely like an elegant Gentleman.

Nose GG: I get smoke, Sherry, oranges, earthy and mineral notes. After 15 Minutes I can find some mint and toasted oak. With water it gets sweeter and the smoked oak becomes more prominent.

Nose CG: In addition I get some chocolate and bacon. I also get orange marmalade, nuts and vanilla. With water it gets sweeter on berries.

Palate GG: It’s pretty dryish, with a slight sweetness but immediately some bitter oranges appear. I get smoke, oak and ginger. With water the arrival gets sweeter with vanilla and berries.
Palate CG: The arrival is sweeter on cherries. With water I can find oranges, a little toffee, minerals, nuts, herbs and green tea.

Finish GG: is very long on bitter orange peel, smoke, ash, Sherry. With water it gets more chocolatey with toffee.
Finish CG: I get also some sweetness and tobacco. With water the finish is fruitier and it turns from chocolate and coffee to tobacco and leather. 

Another great experience!